December 2023 Fishing Report

Cape Fair Marina Table Rock Lake Fishing Report


December:  2023

Lake Level:  911.81

Water Clarity:  Mostly Clear, Upper James to Point 9

Water Temp:  51-55 Degrees




The bass fishing has really improved since our last report fishing report. The dropping water temperatures have been the major reason. The largest number of fish are being caught on main lake extended points. Those points and some secondary points, usually gravel mixtures with rock and timber seem to be holding large schools of spotted bass and larger shad schools. The average depth for this fishing pattern has been between 20 and 30 feet. The fish seem to be hitting drop shot rigs baited with live night crawlers the best. Some large-mouth bass, with a few spotted bass mixed in are being taken on main lake channel ledge bluffs and bluff points. These fish are running larger than the school fish and are biting on Jigs, with Craw trailers (Green Pumpkin and Black and blue seem to be best).

The shad are the depth indicator for fishermen. The angler needs to locate the shad school depth; if the shad are at twenty feet range the bass are directly below the shad. The spoon bite has started and some nice fish are also being caught in the before indicated areas using Dixie Jet Flutter Spoons (Silver, gold, and white combinations).

The bass in the upper James River are being caught on river channel bends, in the tree line. Some really nice Small Mouth Bass and better Large Mouth Bass are also being taken in the upper river. The water temperature is a few degrees lower in the upper James and the fish are on the bottom. The best baits are still Drop Shot Rigs (with live night crawlers) and Jigs with craw trailers.

In the Mid James River (Hideaway Area and below) the fish are in the same areas but a spoon and Jigging Rap # 7, 5/8oz (Glow Tiger and Pearl White) seem to be catching the school fish as good as the Drop Shot baited with live night crawlers.


The crappie have started to bite, some really nice fish are being taken off brush piles that are located in 10 to 15 feet of water on flats, near channel points. Some brush piles in the deeper main lake coves are also are producing some nice fish. The best baits are live minnows and Marabou Jigs (white and chartreuse). Some fish have also been taken in these areas by trolling rebel and rapala stick baits (2 to 3” size) around these shad schools, after they have been located.


This bite has really remained the same, Blue Gill can be found around boat docks and channel banks that have lay down wood and brush piles. They have went a little deeper (6 to 8 feet range). Small crappie jigs and live night crawlers have been catching the most fish.

White Bass

The White bass are biting, but are spotty, and can be caught around schools of bass and shad but not many large fish are being caught. The best baits are small spoons and jigging Raps (white are the best colors.


An occasional nice fish is taken in the lower James River Area (Point 12 and below). Drop Shot Rig baited with night crawlers and Jigging Raps seem to be working best.


Some reports of some nice channel catfish have been reported on channel swing main lake bluffs in the 25 to 30 foot range with cut bait and some prepared catfish bait (crawfish/cheese and blood) seem to be the best. Around deeper boat docks spoons (White) are also working for a few fish.

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